Over the Counter Medicines

Some common medicines should now be bought over the counter. The NHS in Norfolk and Waveney have recently spent £5.7m on medications, which could have been bought over the counter at the fraction of the price.

By caring for yourself you help save valuable NHS time and resources which can be spent on life saving treatments. Patients can often look after themselves and their children. Advice for treating minor conditions can by given by a local pharmacy if needed.

Patients should keep a small supply of simple treatments in their own medicine cabinet, so they are able to manage minor ailments at home. These should be kept secured from young children.

All of these medicines are widely available from supermarkets and pharmacies at reasonable cost and do not need a prescription.

Many of these treatments are far more expensive when prescribed on the NHS, compared to when they are purchased over the counter.

Please do not ask your GP for medicines that can be bought over the counter. See the list of medications that are available to purchase over the counter.

The NHS belongs to everybody and the local NHS leaderships must ensure that their resources are used in the best possible way for all patients.

Patient Queries

Any patient queries about over the counter medicines should be made to:

Norwich Clinical Commissioning Group
Room 202
City Hall
St Peters Street

Telephone: 01603 613325

Website: www.norwichccg.nhs.uk