Administration and Reception Team


Workflow Team

We have a team of patient services administrators who deal with the large volumes of post that arrives in the practice daily. All of this must be processed, scanned and coded onto our clinical system and then passed to the GPs.

The administrators also deal with patient recalls, reviews and administration relating to pathology and radiology results.

Repeat Prescribing Team

Our prescribing team deal with the large number of requests for repeat medication. This team processes both manual and online requests for authorised repeat prescriptions and also processes prescriptions via the electronic prescription service. If you have a prescribing query, please submit our online form.


We have two practice secretaries who deal with all of our clinical referrals. If you would like to track a referral, please submit our online form.


Patient Services Team

Your first point of contact with East Norwich Medical Partnership will be with our patient services team.

Patient services administrators will assist you in making appointments and can offer help and assistance in helping you find the right person to help you with your problem. You may be made aware that you do not need to see a GP i.e. if you are newly pregnant as you can now self refer yourself direct to a midwife.

Our teams of patient services administrators are not just handling requests, they are also:

  • Dealing with patients at the desk
  • Processing queries from the clinical team
  • Liaising with other teams within the practice
  • Dealing with complex and wide of range administrative tasks
  • Dealing with patient queries
  • Dealing with external organisations such hospitals and the ambulance service
  • Contacting patients
  • Processing results and correspondence

Please do understand that the patient services team are doing their best and at times can be working under extreme pressure with a high volume of demand. At peak times we can have up to eight team members dealing with requests.

Please remember that our patient services team are carrying out the instructions of the GPs.

If you experience any difficulties with the patient services team, please contact the practice. This should be addressed to either Tracy Hickford, staff manager or Carol Postle, compliance manager.